Functional Safety Management

Functional Safety Plan and Safety Project Plan

Due to our many years of hands-on functional safety project experience, we are able to precisely plan safety projects for electric / electronic (E / E) systems. We initiate the functional safety lifecycle (according to the V-model) for your project and set the safety goals and the safety performance level (ASIL-A to -D) or (SIL-1 to -4).

To implement the functional safety plan, we assign roles and responsibilities. Our experienced functional safety managers (FSM) create a tailor made safety project plan. Of course they coordinate and supervise this as well.

Interface Agreements (DIA)

We prepare the Development Interface Agreement (DIA), that is mandatory for ISO 26262 between you and your suppliers.

For this task we set the responsibilities between you as producer and your suppliers through thorough ISO 26262 task allocation and documentation of the safety activities from the concept phase, the development phase through to the final production phase.

Functional Safety Consulting

We analyse your safety processes and provide recommendations for you in how to best organise the functional safety activates within your company in an effective and successful manner.

Functional Safety Pre-Audits

Our experts supervise the implementation of all processes that are essential for an effective functional safety development within your company. Consequently, we create audit reports and action tasks.

Safety Case

We provide you with a complete substantive argument for the correctness of the functional safety concept and verify the compliance with all defined safety requirements (according to ISO 26262).

Functional Safety Pre-Assessment

In preparation for the release of your product, we validate that the safety requirements (according to ISO 26262) and goals are fully met within your project / system. For this proof we monitor the operational results of the safety activities during the entire development process.

Our safety experts list all operational results of the safety activities for the safety assessment (reviews, FMEA, design documentation, safety concept, etc.). For each individual result we state, how it ensures the product safety.

Norms: ISO 26262 (ASIL-A to -D), IEC 61508 (SIL-1 to -3)